The commitment we use to provide the best quality comes from different factors. Maximum respect for the Biodiversity, a production based on the selection of the best grapes in the vinery, followed by a low production yield per hectare and an extreme focus on the processes in the wine cellar. All monitored from the grapes to the aging in the bottles before becoming available on the market.

We produce our wines investing in continuous research, respect for the nature, fields consistency and the microclimate offered by our area.

All the above lead to the final result in the glass, where you can discover the unmistakable strength of the taste and the quality of the scents of our land.

Selection "The Classics"

Rosso2                    Rosato2                     BIanco2

Selection "Gran Cru"

sel-cordone1                                      sel-capo1

Selection "GDO"

clas-rosso           clas-rosato          clas-bianco          clas-riserva