Re-discover our roots and revalue our wines. Cirò wine, and all the ones from the Region Calabria, are famous on a worldwide scale, aged in steel barrels under controlled temperature and in wooden barrels; all of this is always done through high quality and focus on the protection of the environment. We offer different authentic wine types to our customers, always according to the agricultural tradition of Cirò and Calabria.

The Saracen Markets

territorio Short Historical Notes

The vine in Calabria and in particular in the cirothane, took root as early as 2000 B.C, when the Phoenicians landed on the shores of the Ionian Sea. The discovery of finds and the many myths, prove with certainty a massive presence of Hellenic settlers in the eighth century B.C. and then in the seventh century B.C Already at that time, the Greek colonists appreciated the fertility of the land of the place and for this reason, they decided to give it the name of Enotria, "land where the vine is grown". The territorial area object of their interest was precisely that which is outlined today by the production disciplinary Cirò D.O.C. for production this special nectar of the Gods, and is included between the hillside of Cirò, the marine territory of Cirò Marina, part of the Municipalities of Melissa and Crucoli They were the same Hellenic to plant new vineyards and then adopt innovative winemaking techniques, thanks to which the production of wine took on this land kissed by the sun, great importance.

Caraffa Castle